Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Who's going to Paris?


I have three friends who are (separately) preparing for their first ever trips to Paris and they have each asked me to share my favorite Paris spots.


Honestly, to me, Paris is more a state of mind than a destination.

If, however, you have always dreamed of going to Paris - why?

  Is there a particular reason?  Shopping?  Museums?  Gardens?  The Eiffel Tower? Antique buying?  Searching for that perfect vintage  Hermès scarf?  Do you dream of writing in a Paris cafe?  Riding a bike through the countryside?  Spending hours in Shakespeare and Company?  

Whatever it is, that should be, in my opinion, the thing you put at the top of your list to do.  Make it happen!

I have written many a piece here about Paris and have posted hundreds of pictures.  

There's a little search box in the top left corner of this blog.  Type in Paris , hit enter and there you go; more than you ever wanted to know.

My first trip to Paris was vastly different from my later visits.  Favorite places and experiences vary.

Just because I am no longer interested in going through the Louvre again doesn't stop me from a walk through the Tuileries Gardens, and going to Marley's Cafe for a hot chocolate and some people watching while being mesmerized and fascinated (still) by the pyramids.  But that is going to bore some people silly.

Want to experience walking in Hemingway's (or F. Scott Fitzgerald, or Josephine Baker) footsteps?  Have a food tasting walk?  A personal shopper to help you find some perfect Paris frocks?  There are tours for practically anything you might want to do.  

Do it!

Make your most important Paris dream come true.

The other things will wait for your next trip.

My favorite things are the surprises.  

Paris is full of surprises for those taking the time to look up and be willing to be surprised.

So.  Kathy, Jeni, Pat - 


Être étonné!

Voyages glorieux!!!

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