Monday, April 15, 2024

World Art Day


Sharing a much loved painting in honor of World Art Day.

This painting was given to us as a house warming gift when we bought
 our home in Kennesaw, GA in 1987.

 It was painted by our friend Alda Chmura, copied from a photograph I had taken while visiting Lindos, on the island of Rhodes in Greece in 1983.

The lady, known as Mama Lindos, was well known for her beautiful lace work, even recognized by National Geographic with a photo spread and interview telling her story.

The painting is very dear to me.

I fell head over heels in love with Greece during that trip; it was a dream come true.

The trip was one I took with a much loved friend, Michael Dean, long-time partner in a host of adventures.

We lost Michael to AIDS in 1986 and I will never stop missing him.

Sadly, Alda is no longer with us either.

So, so many reasons to cherish our painting of Mama Lindos.

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