Friday, January 22, 2010

True? Not True? You Decide !

Lesa Holstine. I'll bet you are all familiar with our Lesa. If you don't know her, please stop by Lesa's Book Critiques and meet her. She always has neat things going on. Terrific reviews, and interviews, and news of who she's hosting at Authors @ The Teague. I don't mean to embarrass her by saying this, and I know I've said it lots of times before, both here, at her place and all around the blogging world, AND all around the mystery world. She is one of the classiest people on God's green earth. She has a sense of ethics I'd like to package and distribute widely. She always plays fair. She keeps her blog, along with her ideals, at a level that most of us strive for and she keeps the bar high for us all. Sometimes when I want to come here and rant wildly about something that has rubbed me wrong I back off a bit because I know it's not something Lesa would do. Now that's not to say I won't rant - you know me better than that - but I'll at least try to keep it at a level that I won't be too embarrassed about at a later date. (Lesa? Forgive me if I fail at this from time to time, please!).

For these reasons receiving an award from Lesa is especially meaningful.

The woman has been the recipient of so many blogging awards from her peers that one of her readers came up with and designed an original award for Lesa to bestow on fellow bloggers.

It's the "Lesa's Bald Faced Liar (SCRATCH THAT!) 'Creative Writer' Blogger Award."

And - Ta DA! - I'm one of the recipients.


Thank you Lesa!

It comes with a few rules. Rules that Lesa made up. And here they are:

Recipients must -
1. Thank the person who gave this to you.
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated you.
4. Tell us up to six outrageous lies about yourself, and at least one outrageous truth.
5. Allow your readers to guess which one or more are true.
6. Nominate seven "Creative Writers" who might have fun coming up with outrageous lies.
7. Post links to the seven blogs you nominate.
8. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know you nominated them.

First, I'll pass this along to seven "Creative Writers." These are folks I feel sure will have fun coming up with a few outrageous lies, and I'm betting will have at least one very fun outrageous truth we'll enjoy learning.

1. Lazy Thoughts From a Boomer.
2. Jill's Life.
3. Book Chase.
4. Cobbledstones.
5. Exile's Return.
6. Mornings at Noon.
7. Patricia Stoltey.

And now. Here are seven statements. You get to decide which are lies and which one statement is the truth.

I'll stop back later this evening and tell you what the one truthful statement was.

1. I danced on stage with Bruce Springsteen in Atlanta.

2. I sang on stage with Willie Nelson in Atlanta (just one short chorus of "On The Road Again").

3. I was on Atlanta TV getting a kiss from a camel.

4. I danced on stage with Brooks & Dunn in Charlotte.

5. I was part of the peanut gallery for the Howdy Doody Show.

6. I was on Atlanta TV helping Paula Deen make Shrimp & Grits.

7. I was a finalist for "Jeopardy" but got beat out by a zoo keeper from San Diego and didn't get to be on TV.

So. There you go.

True. Not True? You Decide !

- - -

Okeey Doke - Truth Telling Time!

Kissed by a camel and captured by the Atlanta TV news while it was happening. You better believe I heard about that for a very long time. It was a long time back - back when Atlanta would every so often close down a section of Peachtree Street for events. This particular event was a fund raiser for the Fox Theatre. "Save the Fox" was a very big deal which ultimately was also very successful. The Fox Theatre was originally the Yaarab Temple Shrine Mosque; designed in the 1920s as a headquarters for the Shriner's organization. It later became one of the grand old theaters. Southern Bell tried to buy it in the 70's with plans to knock it down and put up a building of their own. It was one of the few times the citizens of Atlanta stepped forward to preserve a piece of Atlanta's rich architectural heritage. Sadly, a huge amount of Atlanta's wonderful architectural history has been lost forever to make room for corporate growth and expressways. However, a four year campaign resulted in The Fox being saved and it is now a National Historic Landmark.

During the event I'm speaking of where I get smooched by Gus the Camel, three or four blocks of Peachtree Street were closed off and The Fox lobby was open for viewing. Several restaurants set up "A Taste Of" food tables, there were bands, and various other fun things to do in efforts to raise money for the "Save the Fox" campaign. One of those things was to pay $1.00 for a kiss from Gus. Gus' handler told me he thought Gus was particularly attracted to me (or to my perfume) 'cause he seemed to get a bit carried away with what was supposed to be a quick little kiss on my cheek and gave me a big sloppy lick on the side of my face instead. As it happens, one of the news stations' camera men was there to catch it all live. My luck and my claim to Atlanta fame. Not near as cool as any of my list of lies here, huh?! LOL! Oh well - it was fun, and it was for a great cause. Here's a picture of me and Gus. Wonder if he thinks of me from time to time?


le0pard13 said...

Thank you, Kaye. I'm very much honored by this.

Jill said...

Why thanks Kaye! How nice.

I am going to guess that number one is the truth. Of course all of them could be true! Kissing a camel????

Patricia Stoltey said...

Hi Kaye -- thank you bunches for this Creative Blogger Award! Creativity can be a painful wringing of the hands followed by absolute silliness (as you saw with my chicken and puppy post). I love being honored for silliness...LOL

And now I must think up outrageous lies? Hmmm. Who could I say I danced onstage with?

Anonymous said...

Kaye, I'm so glad that Lesa included you in this fun event. I'm still trying to come up with my whoppers! I would love to be with Paula Deen while she's making anything. My word, can that woman make things that look divine!! However, my guess is the kissing in the camel. I almost picked Howdy Doody, but I saw your comment over on Criminal Minds in the "remember when" article.

You never said truer words than those about Lesa. I've told her before and I'll say it again. She is absolutely the best librarian I have ever known (and since I just quit working in a library, I've known a few!).

Sheila Beaumont said...

I was going to guess Howdy Doody, but according to Kay, that definitely isn't it. So I guess I'll go with kissing the camel.

Yes, Lesa's blog is wonderful! She has great reviews and interviews. My favorite Q&A is the one with Terry Pratchett. That was amazing!

I don't have a blog, so I don't have to think up any outrageous lies. But I'll have fun reading everyone else's!

Vicki Lane said...

I too was going to guess Howdy Doodie but I'll go with the Boss. I can see it now!

Kaye Wilkinson Barley - Meanderings and Muses said...

So there you have it, the truth revealed - a picture included.

Getting a kiss from Gus the Camel.

big sigh.

Maybe one of these days I'll get to do one of these other things on my list - you think?!

Lesa said...

Oh, Kaye. Thank you! When I presented you with the award, I expected you to have fun with it, but I didn't expect the compliments. Thank you so much. I do try to be kind. But, I have to say I think your rants are right on target. You remind me of a friend who died. We always envied her ability to come out and say what we were all thinking.

And, I guessed the camel! And, I expected something about Lee Child, not the camel. But, I guess we all knew how much you love Lee!

(And, somewhere or another, I missed the fact that Kay had retired!)

Kaye Wilkinson Barley - Meanderings and Muses said...

Lesa, I really was going to include something on my list about Lee Child - how did you know that?! But I'm afraid if I keep talking about my on-going crush on that nice man he's gonna start thinking I'm like that scary crazy Fatal Attraction woman Glen Close played in the movie - remember her?! Yikes!!!

I keep swearing I'm going to practice the art of tactfulness as I get older. One of these days it just might sink in that it just ain't gonna happen. big sigh.

Thanks again for this, Lesa - it is a fun one!

Lesa said...

Kaye - Louise was one of my favorite librarians, and I'd certainly never say she was tactful. Sometimes we just need the people who are willing to speak the truth. Thanks for being one of them!

Morgan Mandel said...

I never had the urge to get kissed by a camel. The closest is having my dog, Rascal kiss me.

Morgan Mandel

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

I was going to pick this as I got kissed by a lama...LOL

Susan M. Bell said...

Well, how about another blogger award to add to your list. I’ve nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award. To get your award go to my blog: Rambling Thoughts and Thoughtful Ramblings, copy the badge and see directions in my post about the award. (

I love this blog, although as of late haven't been able to get out and "surf" over as much as I'd like. But, the real world is settling down, and as I work on my first novel (as well as a book of essays), I will be sure to visit for inspiration.

Earl Staggs said...

Nice looking camel, Kaye Darlin'. It brought back memories. I used to date his sister. I wanted to marry her, but there were a lot of problems and I just couldn't get over the hump, so to speak.

Kaye Wilkinson Barley - Meanderings and Muses said...

Morgan - VERY similar; LOL! Well. Unless you take into account the length of the tongue, of course . . . .

Diane - Thank you for jumping in here! I knew I couldn't be the only person who had gotten this type of odd kiss! And I'd like to hear more, please about your llama experience. Did you pay a dollar for your kiss?

Susan - Thank You!!!! very much; I dropped by your place today, and I'll share this lovely award soon.

Earl. Earl Darlin'. YOU crack me up. Perhaps you and Diane and I should move this discussion to another spot . . . Pfft!!!!

Kaye Wilkinson Barley - Meanderings and Muses said...

Kay! I forgot to wish you the happiest of retirements! I am very VERY jealous.