Saturday, January 3, 2015

Another Day in Asheville

One of our favorite "get-aways" is Asheville.  It's only about a two hour trip and the drive is part of the joy.

It's a quiet, peaceful drive with rivers, mountain vistas, national forests and small towns.

With some fun things to warrant a stop along the way.

Sometimes it might be cool barns with beautiful hand painted barn quilts on them that beg to be photographed.

Photography was actually the reason behind this spur of the moment jaunt.

Any excuse to spend some time at Ball Photo Supply is okay by me, and it just so happens Donald is on the hunt for a tripod for his new camera.

While he looked and asked a lot of questions, I looked also.

Ball Photography fascinates me.

It's like a camera museum/store filled with knowledgeable, creative people who embrace the art of photography.  They still maintain a lab for developing film, still sell film and if you're really lucky you can also happen up on some pretty wonderful old cameras in working order for sale.

And - even cooler - you can play with them!

Or, step back and admire some old pieces that have been a part of a magical history.

Once we pulled ourselves away from Ball's, we went to visit one of the very best bookstores on God's green earth - Malaprop's Books,  

I cannot walk in the door of Malaprop's without taking a picture of the Shopping Daze sculpture that stands out front.

This was an especially fun trip.

I met a very nice family and had a fun visit.  The lovely Noelle is an avid reader and a writer, so we had a lot to chat about, AND - she asked me to sign a copy of Whimsey for her.  She had no idea, I don't think, that she had me walking on a cloud the rest of the day.

Then I did a little shopping with some Santa money I received from Christmas.  What could be any more fun than shopping in a delightful bookstore that knows exactly what to stock for book lovers?!

Then to top off a perfect day, we stopped at one of our favorite restaurants on our way home. 

The Italian Restaurant in Pineola.

And then, well, we get home to find my next month's supply of food from Nutrisystem on the door step.  

We wondered if they had perhaps spied me eating a wonderful dish of lasagna just a bit earlier?

And then, oh the irony.

Guess what was tucked into the box?

This adorable little bear to congratulate me on losing my first 10 pounds.

Happy New Year, everyone - it's back on Nutrisystem for me.  I can't bear to disappoint this little bear, after all.



Mason Canyon said...

Love the photos. The barns are beautiful and who could resist those cameras. Thanks for taking us along on your trip.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures.... I visited the area of Asheville a few times when Elizabeth Squire and her husband Chick lived in a small town near there and loved the area... lucky you!!! Thelma in Manhattan