Sunday, January 25, 2015

Cleaning, Writing and a new review

Today I have spent my day ignoring things that need attention in the house.  

Since launching what I'm now calling "The Epic Housecleaning of the Barley Abode," I have cleaned and scrubbed and sorted and tossed until I'm sick to death of it all. 

I have only one room left to do, but today was just not the day.  Maybe tomorrow.

I'm not looking forward to tackling this

and that's just one small part of a room full of books and ornaments, and "stuff."

If I had tackled it today, the job would have been a sloppy one, leaving me feeling the need to do it over, so it's best to just let it rest until I'm back in the mood.  

So, I wrote.

I wrote 1,121 words, which is a great writing day for me.  

The story has been rambling through my mind while I've been doing this massive housecleaning project, and a lot of new things presented themselves.  Including a new character who, hopefully, is going to be really interesting.  Eccentric, secretive, nurturing and very mysterious,

I've worked up to the scene that I've been excited about, only to find it impossible to get it right.  I can picture her in my mind.  I'm picturing the small cabin at the edge of the marsh she lives in.  But getting in on paper is proving to be elusive.

Hopefully, if I walk away from it for awhile after having written some bare bone facts to help me remember where I'm trying to go, things will come.  Fingers crossed that things will come.

So after leaving Olivia on the steps of Bronwyn's front porch, I wandered to amazon to see if there were any new Whimsey reviews and hooray, yes there was!  And, thank the muses, it was an excellent one!

I sent a reviewer by the name of Miss Susie an audio copy of Whimsey and she gave it an excellent review at, so I was happily surprised to spot a new one at amazon.  If you're not familiar with Miss Susie, do check her out.  She, like a well-trusted reviewer should be, is well equipped to do the types of reviews people can read and trust rather than just squeal (like me), "Oooh, I love this book!"   She and I seem to share a taste in reading.  

You can find her reviews here:

And - here's the lovely review she left for Whimsey.  I really needed this little boost today.  Miss Susie, if you're reading, Thank You!!!

5.0 out of 5 stars I want to live in WhimseyJanuary 14, 2015
This review is from: Whimsey: A Novel (Paperback)
I want to live in Whimsey! This book proves not only can you go home again but that you should. Emma tried to leave Whimsey in the past but when things go wrong in her life and her artistic jewelry line takes the hit , she eventually figures out she needs to find her inner magic again and with some help from her long dead aunt Elizabeth the only place that it can be found is on the island of Whimsey. I loved the scenes with Aunt Elizabeth and the crayon and the story of finding you crimson, we all need this lesson!

I also enjoyed the pixie Earlene, I loved that she made silver glitter fall off of Emma without her even realizing it. Oh who am I kidding I loved every character in this book. The whole ensemble is there for a reason each with their own set of advise to Emma and when she finally decides to listen to all the people and island are trying to tell her things get much better for. I also want to see her jewelry; I want to see these colors the colors of a sunrise on Whimsey with colors no one has a name for.

This book is right up there with Sarah Addison Allen in southern magical realism; in fact I think these two authors should get together because the big grand opening of the gallery needs a caterer and who better than the Waverly sisters!

Susanna Burney narrates this book; her narration is good my only quibble was that sometimes her voices weren’t consistent. But overall I enjoyed her narration she didn’t go full out on a southern accent so it sounded fake she just had a hint of it that made it believable, her characters were good with my one quibble being the exception.

I highly recommend this book to southern fiction lovers, especially fans of Sarah Addison Allen. This book has the same feel good aftereffect that Sarah’s books do. I was surprised to find this is Kaye’s first novel; I look forward to reading anything else she writes!

5 Stars

I received this book from the author for a fair and honest review. Thanks for the pleasure of listening to this delightful story!

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Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

What a lovely review!

I'm like you--I'll definitely be motivated to write when faced with a housecleaning project that I don't want to do! Good luck, Kaye.