Saturday, January 24, 2015

Louise Penny

Sometimes when I say the words "my friend" when referring to someone who many people know of through their accomplishments, I realize it comes across to many as a name dropping kind of thing. I think though, that people who *really* know me know that I enjoy using those words about people I sincerely care about whether they're a famous author or someone I've known since my childhood and am equally as proud to call friend.

I cherish people I call "friend" and always feel a certain pride when I'm able to say "this is my friend so and so" as I introduce them. Therefore, I'm sure I overuse the phrase. Oh, well. If that's the worst of it, so what?

Louise Penny is a woman I am proud to call my friend.

She's a woman I started getting to know when she had a debut novel, STILL LIFE, hit the scene and made a bit of a splash. I'm not completely sure of the year - 2005, maybe?

I may not remember the exact year, but I very clearly remember telling people she was someone to watch. I very clearly remember telling her she was someone to watch.

So now when I read the winners of major awards and see her name I feel the same sense of pride I felt when I was lucky enough to meet her the first time and just knew that we would become friends. Of course, I had no idea then that she would become quite as famous as she has, but I did know we would be friends.

She is as gracious and as down to earth today as she was back then.

She is amazing in ways most of us would hope to be in the face of tremendously terrifying circumstances.

And, I admire her while I hold her in my heart while she and Michael walk this long road together.

Here's an interview she's graciously shared with us regarding Michael's diagnosis and their life since receiving it.

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Mason Canyon said...

She is a remarkable woman and a gifted writer. The fact that she is speaking out will help others who feel the disease should be kept quite and not talked about. This is a sad and terrible disease.