Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Author Spotlights Are Back

Some of you might remember when Meanderings and Muses did author spotlights.

A lot of author spotlights.

What started as a once a month feature became a once a week feature, and then a twice a week feature with the third on many weeks, and then even the occasional fourth.

After slowing back down last year, I decided to give it a rest this year.

But, I've missed having writer friends here chatting about anything they wanted to chat about.


I've asked three of my favorite authors, who happen to also be three of my favorite people, to come by for a chat.

Margaret Maron will be here in August.

"Long Upon the Land," the 20th in her Judge Deborah Knott series is scheduled to release August 11th.

Farrel Coleman will be here in September. 

"Robert B. Parker's the Devil Win," book 14 in the Jesse Stone series, the second in the series written by Reed, is scheduled to release September 8th.

Hank Phillippi Ryan will be here in October. 

Her "What You See," the 4th in her Jane Ryland series is scheduled to release October 27th.

Once I have their exact visit dates pinned down, I'll let you know.

I'm excited about them being here, and I know many of you are too.

So much fun having favorite authors as friends.  Hopefully, there will be more visits.  Stay tuned!

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