Saturday, June 6, 2015

Chatting about my mom

I've always used Meanderings and Muses a little like a journal.

I've talked extensively about my life, and sometimes have delved into some quite personal issues.

I talk about Don and Harley constantly.

I've talked about my dad, who's no longer with us, and I've talked about my mom.

Time to talk a little about my mom again.

I'm taking her to the doctor this coming Monday as the first step in some memory loss issues we've been going through.

All this has come on fairly quickly. She was forgetful in a normal way, of course, but the past few weeks have brought some very noticeable, sometimes scary incidents. Some days she is as lucid as she was 20 years ago, other days a question from me can bring around an answer that seems to meander and wander into territory I'm completely unfamiliar with. She is, however, completely aware that she's in a state of confusion at times and not fighting the facts. 

She has said to me that she thinks she might be in pretty bad shape. Which, of course, will break a daughter's heart. And a son-in-law's, also. One she has always treated like her own son. 

She called and made her doctor's appointment and she knows we're possibly looking at some decisions and changes in the pretty near future. Days and time are sometimes a real puzzle to her. So.  Monday will be the beginning of asking a lot of questions and getting some answers. 

And this week-end we're holding onto hopes that it's something on the less serious side of things - perhaps medication interactions, any number of things.  But, if it's on the more serious side, we'll handle whatever needs to be handled together.  One step at a time.

So - hold some good thoughts, okay?!

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