Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Photos from Grandfather Mountain

Donald spent this past weekend up on Grandfather Mountain.

If you're not familiar with this magnificent North Carolina treasure, take a few minutes to visit their webpage - http://www.grandfather.com/

This past weekend was the annual Nature Photography Weekend, which is the only time the gates are open allowing participants in early enough to get some sunrise shots, and late enough to get sunset shots.  It's also the only weekend camping is allowed, which is what Don did.  Me?  Noooooooo - and when you see some the trails he hiked, you'll probably be able to figure out why I chose to stay at home.  Me and Harley.  At home in Meat Camp.

Unfortunately, it was a cloudy weekend, but not so bad that Donald didn't get some pretty fantastic pictures.


This is looking up at "The Singing Bridge" aka as "The Swinging Bridge."  It used to sway and swing about five feet to the left and right, but the bridge was replaced a few years ago and this bridge doesn't swing as much.  But, it does "sing."  When the wind goes through the metal decking it makes a singing noise.

Donald's foot as he crosses the bridge.

Across the singing bridge.

Catching a glimpse of geese off Hwy. 105

Sunset shots taken from Grandfather Mtn.


Eagle at the Grandfather Habitat


and Bears (oh, my!)

Random shots while hiking

First cable going up Grandfather Trail from the observation area

Looking at the Sugar Mountain hotel from Grandfather Trail

I'm so glad I didn't see all these hiking pictures until Donald was home safe and sound.  whew.

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