Sunday, July 19, 2015

Continuing the journey . . .

Yesterday we started doing some packing up at my mom's old apartment. Took a few pieces of her furniture, some clothes and necessities to her new place for her.

She is bouncing back and forth between being okay with things and being very angry. Anyone believing all 88 year old women might be docile in a situation like this? Uh uh, no.

The staff continues to be amazingly kind, professional and just awesome in so, so many ways. (and quite good and open at giving much needed hugs to devastated family members in addition to everything else).

They understand, loads more than I, how hard it would be.

My mom has lived in her little apartment in Blowing Rock, NC for almost 20 years.

Alone and independently and quite content.

Up until just the past few weeks she's cooked, she's cleaned, she's washed dishes, paid bills, taken out her trash, bathed.  All normal, every day things we all take for granted.

In only the past few weeks she's been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, become unable to do most of the physical things she was able to do, and been moved to a new and strange place filled with people she doesn't know.

She'll be going through an adjustment period consisting of now having everything scheduled - her medications, her bathing, her meals, etc.

Personally, I cannot even imagine.

So, although Don Barley and I know she's now where she needs to be, it's hard. And harder for her than for us.

Still tons to pack up and to do at the Blowing Rock apartment.

But not today.

Today is our day of rest.

Please continue sending prayers and good thoughts - every single one is appreciated and every single one helps.

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