Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sunday Update

Know what I love?

That I can sit in a corner in Panera's with a cup of coffee, a 4 Cheese Souffle and have a good cry without anyone noticing.

Sitting here catching up on all the email, Facebook comments and messages that each of you has taken the time to send me and I have no words to tell you how much they all mean. Even typing that makes me feel less than adequate in my gratitude and thanks.

Donald is at home waiting for the internet technician to arrive and hopefully, get us hooked up again. 

Mother is having a comfortable day. No signs of restless anxiety today.

I've just left her apartment in Blowing Rock where we're making pretty good progress with the packing. Someone bought some of her furniture, took some and will be back in a few days for the rest.

And now - home.

Love to all.

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