Thursday, March 10, 2016

Just getting a little something off my chest

It's been said, behind my back (but you know how things always manage to hit the target, eventually), that I'm one who will push friends' books. Regardless of whether they're good or not. Part of this is true. I will, indeed, push friends' books. I'm confused why this might be a bad thing?? The part about whether they're good or not also confuses me. Who's to say what's good? A reader? A writer? The expertise comes from . . . where? What's "good" to one person may simply not be another's cup of tea. So? That makes it good? Bad? You don't like a particular writing style? So? Maybe you're just not the audience for whom the book was written. I'll say this. IF I start reading a book and realize it is not my cup of tea, I will put it aside. But you won't hear, or read, me saying another word about it. Not a good word. Not a bad word. I won't write it here. I won't mention it in person. If, however, I do enjoy the book, well hell yeah - I'm going to push it. Why shouldn't I? I don't give a fig if it's a friend or someone I've never met. I push books. So, tell me please, am I supposed to be offended by some small minded person thinking they're hurting me or possibly making my words a little less credible by saying I push my friends' books? Bullshit. Go away and read a book. OR, here's a thought - try writing one. It's not as easy as you think.

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