Friday, March 18, 2016

The Rise of Evil - it's real, it's up to us to stop it

If you don't believe the comparisons then I would encourage you to read up on your history.

I have hesitated about making this comparison because people started saying it before I truly believed it and because I honestly did not believe Trump would still be around this far into the game.

I had so much faith in the American people.

I still have faith, but I admit it's been shaken.

Shaken right down to the ground.

Seeing Americans push, shove, spit on and yell at people they think are "different."

Seeing Americans raise their arms in what we've known all our lives to be a symbol of hate.

Think about the future under a man who is being compared to the man behind one of the most shameful periods in history.

And if any of you dare to call yourselves Christians as you vote for Trump, I can only say you are delusional and should be ashamed.

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