Saturday, March 12, 2016

My New Camera Hates Me

This is my new camera.

It hates me.

I fell in love with it immediately.

And then fell out of love with it almost as quickly.

Now we have some lessons to learn - both of us.

"It" needs to learn that "I'm" the boss.

So far, that's pretty laughable.

"It," hands down, is winning the Alpha position.

Donald has this same camera.

The only difference, so far, are the lenses.

He does not have this lens which is, I think (SEE how much I have to learn??!), the most basic lens available.

I took a one-on-one class with Donald and felt like I had learned some important basics but then got too big for my britches.

Didn't learn nearly what I thought I had, or should have.

And this camera isn't really as intuitive as I had assumed it would be.


Now I need to do what every first time new toy user needs to do (if they're a non-intuitive new toy user such as I), and read through the manual.


As much as I love to read, reading manuals just ain't my cup of tea.

I am not part of the audience for whom manuals were written.  (I love to say this little "not part of the audience" thing . . . ).


I will do it.

And I shall prevail.

(cross your fingers for me, okay?)

And, man . . .  am I glad I bought this "Dummies Book," 'cause the "real" manual?  

I don't even want to talk about it.

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