Sunday, August 28, 2016

Bouchercon. What to wear?

Dear Peeps who are going to Bouchercon.

There's a lot of chit chat going on right now at Facebook about what to wear, and I've gotten a couple notes from people asking for suggestions, as have most of us who have been to Bouchercon before, I'm guessing.

Here's my two cents.

What's "right" for someone else may not be right for you.

Forget about all that.

Dress for yourself in whatever makes you comfortable.

I promise - you're going to see people in pants, in jeans, in dresses.

It just doesn't matter.


Comfort. Comfort. Comfort.

And again, what might not look comfortable to you, may be very comfortable for someone else. So don't judge if you see me in cowgirl boots - they're comfortable for me.

And yes, Hank Phillippi Ryan is going to look fabulous in her heels, but we are not all Hank Phillippi Ryan. There's only one, and we all forgive her for being the classiest, best looking, best dressed of us all. AND nicest. (xxoo, Hank).

And yes, it'll be hot.  It's New Orleans.  It's hot.

But inside the hotel? Well, there's A/C and we all know that sometimes hotels can be cold. 

OR, they can be too warm.

It'll all work out.

It's Bouchercon.

Come, play, enjoy!

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

'Cause really, at the end of the day back in your room are you going to be thinking about what everyone was wearing, or are you going to be smiling from ear to ear thinking about who you met, who signed your book, who gave you a hug and who made you laugh?

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