Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Funny . . .

Sam Elliott.


I have a huge crush on Sam Elliott.

Always have.

And that voice?

another sigh.

Yesterday, August 9, was Mr. Elliott's birthday.

He's 72 years old.

Still handsome

Still sexy.

I posted this picture of him on my Facebook page and a lot of my friends seem to think he's as yummy as I do.

There were a lot of comments about that.

But not one single comment with the qualifier " . . .  for his age."

Not one.

And yet, 

and yet . . . don't we most time see that very qualifier included when we mention a beautiful woman who might be 72 years old.  Or 62?  52?  Perhaps even 42?

"She is beautiful.  Especially for her age."

Don't we hear that?

Aren't we tired of that?

I'd like to think Sam Elliott would never say that.

Especially since he's been married to the gorgeous Katherine Ross, age 76, since 1984.

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