Friday, August 19, 2016

New Photo Friday - Week 1


new photo friday

My friend Jen Forbus is a woman who is always doing fun things, coming up with new fun ideas and she's invited me to play along in her newest adventure - "New Photo Friday."

You can see Jen's photos, along with others, at her page -  

This week's New Photo Friday suggested theme is "new."

I recently renewed my passport and have just received my new Global Entry card, proving, without a doubt, that I am a "trusted traveler."


Jen Forbus said...

Oh what a cool image, Kaye. I love it...and I love that you included "new." I have to work on my black and white. I never seem to like it when I try it but then I see others' great stuff and I'm so envious. xoxo

Beth F said...

I agree with Jen, I always forget to play with B&W