Monday, November 13, 2017

Being hearing impaired

I made a phone call this morning and ended up hanging up in tears. 

The woman I was speaking to said to me, "Lady. Are you deaf or something?" 

My reply was, "not something, but deaf yes." 

And hung up. 

I'm relying more and more on Donald for making phone calls, which is ridiculous because he hates the phone as much as I do. 


If you have friends or family members who have difficulty hearing here's a couple of things you may want to remember - - 

LOOK at the person you're speaking to - it makes a world of difference. 

DON'T say "Are you wearing your hearing aid?" Especially not in an exhausted tone letting us know you're finding all this too much of an effort. 

It usually, believe it or not, is not the volume that defeats we hard of hearing folk, it's range and tone and clarity - try to remember that. 

People with hearing loss have loss in different ranges. 

And if you mumble? Forget trying to communicate with me, I'm not going to understand a word you say. 

It may be very frustrating to you, but you have no idea how frustrating it is for us. 

Frustrating and isolating. 

And that's my PSA of the day.

Don't treat us like we're dumb just because we're somewhat deaf - it is so not appreciated.

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Unknown said...

So true. This is the invisible handicap. I have tried to explain it to my kids who just raise their voices or get defensive. It is also exhausting being in a group of people.