Thursday, November 30, 2017

Net Neutrality - It's a very big deal

If you're here reading this I have to assume you enjoy Meanderings and Muses.

Probably along with a few other blogs you check out from time to time.

Sadly, all our blog browsing could change.


Some days I love Facebook. 

Most days, actually. 

Some days it makes me sad and pissy. 

I "want" to know what stupid and dangerous thing the orange asshole has done. It doesn't mean the anxiety I feel while reading it decreases. 

I "want" to know what powerful man has lost his job, his self-respect and that of his children (I'm guessing the wife probably already knew). It doesn't mean I find any joy in it. 

I don't really care that some people are upset that Meghan Markle may or may not have left one dog behind in the US and took another with her to Great Britain. Maybe the dog said he didn't want to go. I don't really care that Meghan Markle may have said "lay" instead of "lie." What's worse - the person who may have made a grammatical error or the person who publicly corrects them? (And yes - I have had it happen to me, and no I probably won't forgive or forget - tha's just the bitch I am). 


Today Facebook has made me pissy. 

I know, I know - many of you hate my political posts. Maybe you're sick to death of pictures of Annabelle. Or my new obsession with Paris. Maybe you're uninterested in art.  Maybe you hate poetry.  This is why you have a scroll button and a delete button.  But remember - there "are" some people who are interested in these things.

You know - we're all kind of stuck with one another to some extent through the good and bad and I'm happy to have Facebook, even on the bad days. For as long as that might be - knowing full well that the internet as we know it today could be gone before long. 

Have you done your part to have your voice heard? More than 807,000 people have. And it only took them about two minutes. 

If you're not one of those 807,000 + people, think about going here and typing 17-108 in the "proceedings" box. -

Easy Peasy. 'cause otherwise, we may not have Facebook, or our favorite blogs, to complain on, or about, for a whole lot longer.


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