Friday, November 17, 2017

What day Is it?! Where is my dog?!

Life is so confusing when you're retired.

You - okay, I will change this to "I" - I never know what day it is for one thing.

Take today for instance.

It's Friday, right?

Then WHERE is Annabelle?

I have gotten up and walked through the house, opened the back door and yelled "Annabelle!" a half a dozen times today.

She's at Woof Pack for play day.

She usually goes on Tuesdays, so that's the day I usually get up and walk through the house and open the back door and yell "Annabelle!" a half a dozen times.

So today's been a doubly confusing day.  It's Friday, not Tuesday, but I still can't find my dog.


Thank Goodness!  It's time to go pick her up.  Tonight will be a whole lot less stressful than today.  I may not know what day it is, but at least I'll know where my dog is . . . 

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