Saturday, March 3, 2018

A New Meanderings and Muses Feature Coming Soon

Some of you may remember when Meanderings and Muses was an active part of the mystery community. 

And it was fun, and like all good things, it changed from time to time in efforts to keep it fresh. 

And then, it seemed time to stop. 

Well, thanks to some ideas bouncing around during on-line, never-ending conversations with my pals Lesa Holstine and David Chaudoir, Meanderings and Muses will be coming back with a new feature. 

We're going to call it "From Inside My Book Fort." 

I'm going to be reading a favorite passage from a favorite book - the schedule is still to be determined. 

AND, I'm going to occasionally have guest readers. 

I've done a little of this sort of thing in the past back when SIBA was doing Parapalooza and I enjoyed it. Those readings are still available at YouTube. 

This will be a little different in that you'll hear me reading, but you won't see me 'cause I'll be reading from inside my book fort. And it's only big enough for me and Annabelle. 

Stay tuned - I'll keep you posted!

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