Saturday, March 31, 2018

From Inside My Book Fort - David Magayna

I am tickled pink to have my good friend David Magayna here visiting the book fort today.

Annabelle wants to know, "Where's Marcie?!"

David has been hanging around the mystery community for a while now. He wrote “The Sounds of Mystery” audio book review column for Mystery News and for several years reviewed for Deadly Pleasures.

David served on the Bouchercon Board for over six years, spending two terms as Chair. He’s been around so long his hair has turned grey while we weren’t paying attention. He continues to volunteer for Bouchercon.

David has hosted authors at library events, has lead a mystery discussion group, and enjoys being an advocate for the mystery genre and its purveyors of thrilling crime fiction.

He’s recently joined the board of the Annapolis Shakespeare Company. In today’s entry, David combines his love for crime fiction and theater (especially Shakespeare). He hopes you enjoy The Macbeth Murder Mystery by James Thurber.

Bouchercon 2016 - New Orleans

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Lesa said...

Loved it! Loved David's reading. And, I have to say, I studied Macbeth in high school. I've read the play, seen the play. I never would have thought to those conclusions. Thurber is so wonderful!