Sunday, March 4, 2018

Welcome to "From Inside My Book Fort" - Segment #1: Pat Conroy's "Beach Music"

Welcome to my book fort!

I'd invite you in, but there's hardly enough room in here for me once Annabelle decides she wants to visit.


I had not intended to post my first segment this soon.  I thought I'd do some recording and have several audio files on hand for future posts.

Then I realized that yesterday was March 4th.

Pat Conroy died two years ago  and I decided to honor his memory by reading a passage of his work to kick off my "From Inside My Book Fort."

No, I don't normally remember the dates writers die - even writers I love.  But I do keep up with activities taking place at The Pat Conroy Literary Center in Beaufort, South Carolina, and they commemorate the anniversary of Mr. Conroy's death with March Forth literary events on March 4th.

Originally, this was going to be a mysteries feature.

Obviously, that's changed.

It's probably going to be a hodge podge of book passages from an eclectic mix of genres, including poetry.  But heavy on mysteries, for sure.

You know how when you're reading something and you run across a passage that moves you so much you put the book down and just breathe those words, and then re-read them?

Or, you follow your partner around the house saying, "Oh!  I have to share this with you.  Listen to this!"

You know - like that.

That's exactly what I'll be doing here.

If it happens that you discover something that moves you enough to buy a book, or try a new author, or a new genre, then I'm accomplishing exactly what I hope.

This passage from Beach Music is more to me than a favorite passage from a favorite novel written by a favorite author.  It is that and so much more.

It may be one of my favorite passages ever written.

By anyone.


It speaks loudly to the pride I feel regarding women and what we've accomplished; what we're capable of accomplishing now and in the future.  I don't take kindly to those things being criticized, disparaged or denigrated.


Here we go.

Today's reading is from "Beach Music."  The link at the bottom of the page.

By the way.

Any odd noises you might hear in the background?

Let's just say Annabelle not only tries to drink my coffee, she's not above trying to eat my book . . .  Ignore them if you can.)


Andrea said...

A marvelous voice reading a marvelous story. Thanks for sharing Kaye! I love your Book Fort and I am sure Annabelle does too :-)

Unknown said...

Well done! I love the Book Fort, and I loved the reading.

Thank you.

Lesa said...

Kaye, You have the best reading voice. And I can see why that’s your all-time favorite passage. I hope you and the Book fort are a long-running hit.