Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Amsterdam - Part 2

The weather wasn't the most ideal while we were in Amsterdam.

But then, sometimes it was. . .

It would go from cold and drizzly to sunny and gorgeous.

And then back again.

But once we geared up properly, there was no stopping us from getting out and about and enjoying ourselves.

Adventures cannot be dictated by the weather - right?!

We walked a lot - you cannot be in Amsterdam and not enjoy walking.

The architecture, the sculptures and artwork, the canals, the houseboats, fun shops and galleries, history and people who enjoy life.

Pretty pastries!

Beautiful flowers!

A bit of whimsy.

And dogs

A lot of dogs.

and cats

Ohhhhhhhh - the pancakes!

and you never know where you're going to run across an elaborate chandelier - even in a pancake house.

And you'll run across fun little things to make you laugh.

and things that will make you cry.

and a LOT of bicycles

Here's our little neighborhood bar.

They kept a candle burning in the window for us

We bumped into Mr. Van Gogh

This bike made Donald a wee bit homesick

Delicious Thai food

And some folks who share our political outlook

And leave it to Don to find a lock shop close by - one who happens to be looking for a locksmith. Unfortunately, Donald wasn't able to communicate that he would like to fill out an application. The language barrier could have presented difficulties.

Our last night in Amsterdam we had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants - Luna.

Except, isn't this just how it works? It wasn't quite as good as remember. Still good . . . but . . .

Tired and a bit bedraggled - but happy

Looking out our window down on our courtyard full of musicians, across the street at our bar, and our coffee shop.

Our living room

Our terrace.

And -

Tomorrow (or the next day) we move on to Paris, so please check back


Lesa said...

Oh, I'll be checking back! Can't wait to see your Paris adventures.

Kathy Reel said...

So many wonderful pictures here! The one of Donald with the pancake is a treasure, and his ones with Van Gogh are a hoot. Then the one of you in that beautiful coat and the two of you in front of Amsterdam sign. Oh, and then all of the beautiful sights and quirky touches of Amsterdam. I need the information on where you stayed because I must go there now. Of course, you could go, too, and show me around.