Saturday, May 25, 2019

Parc de Bercy

After the museum and on the way back to our Metro stop, we stumbled onto Parc de Bercy ( ).

Another quiet spot tucked away in a busy city.

Everyone's familiar with the most famous parks of Paris, but there are many not as well known, but still breathtaking, havens of peace and quiet beauty, and worth a visit.

A book I recommend is 

Hidden Gardens of Paris: A Guide to the Parks, Squares, and Woodlands of the City of Light by Susan Cahill and Marion Ranoux.

We were treated to lush greenery, beautiful flowers, sculptures, a carousel, an egret, some fuzzy bird chicks, ducks, turtles, a bit of whimsy, and a kitty on a leash.

I love this city.  💑

More Tomorrow!


Lesa said...

Your nature photos are stunning. That first one after the egret looks as if it's a painting. And, I love the wheelbarrow! What a beautiful garden!

Kathy Reel said...

What a beautiful garden! And, oh that carousel! It's wonderful! You and Donald have captured the beauty and specialness of the garden perfectly.