Sunday, April 5, 2020

Chicken in the crock pot, puzzle on the table

I have some chicken breasts slow cooking and they are smelling fine.

Puzzle pieces are scattered across the dining table.

Looking closely at all the different elements making up this picture, I have to say, there are some very pretty, some very unusual and some very weird and creepy things in this cupboard.

I love it.

COVID-19 update :
Rapid acceleration of U.S. confirmed cases: .
Mar. 20: 17,935
Mar. 30: 160,718 (3,002 dead)
Apr. 5: 311,536 (8,499 dead)
The U.S. mortality rate is rising:
Mar. 22: 1.25%
Mar. 30: 1.86%
Apr. 5: 2.72%
(The mortality rate for the common flu in the U.S. is about 0.2%.)

Stay safe!
Stay healthy!
Stay in!

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