Monday, April 20, 2020

Paris and Lesa Holstine

Continuing with responses from friends who love Paris as much as I do.

When I asked Lesa Holstine what she missed most, or what she might want to do when first returning to Paris, she said - 

"It’s hard to believe it was 2017 when we made our girlfriends’ trip to Paris. I have wonderful memories, but I’ll never be able to recapture the laughter and conversation when we were just sitting around in cafes and restaurants. Even at the time, asked my favorite part of the trip, I said right then and there when we shared conversation and food. Isn’t that the best part of any trip?

But, Paris! There’s so much to love. We all agreed our favorite place was Giverny, not in Paris, but any trip there requires a trip back to Monet’s home and gardens and the village. 

I’d also return to Musee d’Orsay to see what I missed the first time. But, if I was starting all over, told I could only pick new spots, I’d pick gardens, such as the Tuileries Garden, and cemeteries. Gardens need no explanation, but cemeteries might.

How many cities have lists of cemeteries that people should visit, especially top 5 lists?

·        Cimetière du Père Lachaise.
·        Cimetière de Montmartre.
·        Cimetière du Montparnasse.
·        Cimetière de Passy.
·        Cimetière de Picpus.

How many cemeteries have memorials that look like this? 

I could spend all my time in Paris divided between cemeteries and eating. More desserts such as profiteroles, please. 

More hot chocolate at Angelina's. 

More bread and cheeses. The chocolate shops we never had time for. Just more time to sit in cafes and watch Paris.

Did you know author Guy de Maupassant is buried in Montparnasse Cemetery? It would be just perfect to stand at his grave and remember his quote, “We breathe, sleep, drink, eat, work and then die!”

Paris. I could go back just for food and cemeteries."

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Mason Canyon said...

It sounds like you have some fabulous places picked out to go back and see. I think cafes, chocolate shops, gardens, and cemeteries would all be fun places to visit.