Friday, April 24, 2020

Paris and Maki Morris

Continuing with responses from friends who love Paris as much as I do.

When I asked Maki Morris what she missed most, or what she might want to do when first returning to Paris, she said - 

"Paris is beautiful, sophisticated, and even the heavens have reserved a special golden light just for her. Paris is so much more than just cafés, museums, and breathtaking architecture. I’m utterly infatuated with the Parisian culture and its people. 

As an American, I’ve become a cog in a big wheel, where working through lunches or into late nights are all part of my daily life. I’ve cancelled social events with friends and family just to catch up on work. The priorities in life had somehow become muddled with a list of work related action items that had to be checked off. 

But when I’m in Paris, I find that I’m a different person all together. The Parisian culture is all about celebrating and savoring every moment. Work is work, but the Parisians won’t sacrifice the importance of sharing a meal with friends, time with family, or taking time for oneself to just be. And that splendiferous yet wise way of living is a gift Paris will give you when you visit her. 

So if I’m fortunate enough to be back in Paris again, I would like to walk along the Seine and admire the passers-by.

Maybe pick-up a loaf of freshly baked baguette, cheese, and wine, and sit on the grass at the Place des Vosges to soak in the sun and enjoy a quiet lunch.

For dinner, I would love to sit outside Le Garde Robe drinking delicious organic Rosé with Planche mixte charcuterie-fromage, while eavesdropping on fellow diners talking about their day.


Most of all, I want to be in Paris again to bathe in her golden light, and to pay homage for the invaluable life lessons she has taught me."

Maki received her Certified Wine Professional accreditation from The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone, and also holds Certified Sake Professional accreditation from Sake Education Council in Japan. She is a partner and a creative director at IKAM Creative, and also a published author at The Parliament House Press. Read more about her debut novel, Blood and Brume at

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Kathy Reel said...

I need a trip to Paris with Maki and Lesa and you, Kaye, to show me around. As a first time visitor, you can be sure I'll be excited with everything you show me. Now, should I pencil that in for 2021?