Thursday, October 5, 2023

A desk is a desk is a desk . . .



It's THIS desk.

This desk.

Anyone recognize this desk?

So, I gave you some pretty good hints, huh?! 😏 🙄 😊

In just a couple of weeks I'll have an opportunity to sit at that desk.

Pat Conroy's desk.

That and all the other amazing things that will be happening while I'm in Beaufort, SC attending the 8th Annual Pat Conroy Literary Festival  (October 26-29, 2023) will find its way right here, so please stop by.

I'm going to have lots to share - it's not every day a gal gets to be selected as a recipient of the Pat Conroy Literary Center Writer's Residency.  

squeeeeeeee . . .

The only thing that could possibly make this honor even more precious would be the opportunity to tell Mr. Conroy personally how proud, and how very touched, I am by all this, including how welcome the PCLC folks are making me feel.  

Life is good.  Awfully, awfully good.

and oftentimes bittersweet.

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Lesa said...

Oh, Kaye. Enjoy every minute. I know you will, even the bittersweet ones. Sending my love and hugs along with you to South Carolina.