Saturday, October 7, 2023

Me rambling on about Taylor. And Travis.


I am a fairly new member of "The Swifties."


Proud to be there.

In the spirit of transparency and honesty, I really only started paying particularly close attention to Taylor Swift during the early days of the Scooter Somebody debacle regarding ownership of her music and her decision to re-record albums in order to actually own her own work in order to perform it.  I started pulling for her and hoping she would stand strong.

First, however - I'm thinking, "there's really a grown man with the name Scooter?  Bless his heart."

Second - I'm thinking, "GO Taylor!"

And Scooter and his friends laughed at Ms. Swift's decision to take control of her art?


Look how well that has turned out for Scooter and the boys.  The Taylor Versions are far outselling the originals.  Talk about standing strong!  "GO Taylor!"

In a nutshell, to my mind, I'd say the lesson here would be, "Don't fuck with Taylor."


Do that and you will more than likely lose.

Just for the record, I have seen Taylor Swift perform.

At the 2012 Country Music Award show which we attended as guests of Maryglenn Warnock.

We fell in love with Nashville and had the best time!

Anyway . . .

Getting back on track . . .

Taylor showed guts, grit, confidence, and strength by taking on Scooter (Lord, but that name makes me giggle) and I started paying attention.

I have the greatest of admiration for fierce women.  Taylor joined that group.

And then comes her Eras Tour.

I am smitten.

Ticketmaster meets its match.


Need something fixed?

Turn it over to Taylor.


For real.

Now, I am going to admit here that I also never really paid much attention to the guys she dated.  

I didn't really care.

I knew who some of them were, but never heard of others.  

But then, I was never one who paid attention to celebrity couples with that one name thing either.

I just really didn't care.

None of this is to say I don't have some sports and other cultural heroes, author infatuations, celebrity crushes, or musical obsessions.  I actually have a pretty long list of each from a wide, varied, and eclectic background.  Creative, smart people are people to be appreciated and  admired.

I've seen some musical greats.  Donald and I have attended a lot of concerts.  Willie Nelson. Fleetwood Mac. Dixie Chicks. Eric Clapton. Rod Stewart. Tom Petty. Paul McCartney. Rolling Stones. Bruce Springsteen. Alison Kraus. George Strait. Kenney Chesney. Tim McGraw. Bonnie Rait. Allman Brothers. Have sat in front row seats for Greg Allman who I will forever miss.  I know I've missed  some, but . . 

All this to get to my point of fact.

I have come to appreciate, admire and respect Ms. Taylor Swift.

Now, let's toss in this Travis Kelce guy.

Man.  Whew.  Heavens to Betsy, this guy is hot.

Cute, funny, kind, talented, and loves his family.

And let's not forget - he, like Taylor, is a true fashionista.

And, oh yeah, the man can dance.

Did I mention hot?

Sizzlin' Hot.

I am not new to football fandom.

I grew up watching the Baltimore Colts with my dad.  And, oh yes, I remember them leaving in the middle of the night and moving to Indianapolis.  tacky, tacky.

Still think of Johnny Unitas as the greatest.

Cheered for Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris, and Lynn Swann.  WHAT a team that was.

Hosted many a football Sunday while living in Atlanta.

Cooked many chili and/or spaghetti dinners for Super Bowl Sunday.

My interest in football has been rejuvenated and reawakened.

I am so captivated by these two I can hardly stand myself.

They are adorable.

I'll be watching The Chiefs play The Vikings tomorrow.   

I'll be pulling for The Chiefs.

I hope Taylor's at the game.

Watching her watching him makes me smile.

I will not be wearing an 87 football jersey.  it hasn't arrived yet. 

Life is good.

But, you know, haters are gonna hate.  Bless their shriveled little hearts.

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