Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Wednesday Evening - Tim Conroy

 What a perfect day.

I spent most of my day on the porch with Moonpie.

We drank coffee, chatted, and just enjoyed the quiet magic of MarshSong.

Then Moonpie's mom, Mary Ellen, and I went into Beaufort to the Pat Conroy Literary Center for Tim Conroy's new book launch and reading for his second book of poetry, No True Route.

What's Kept Remembers You

We bought the desk at the store near the beach
and no matter where we live, I hear the waves.
The stapler I stole walks me into my favorite teacher.
An apron I hang on the closet door
takes me to the restaurant where I bartended.
The list includes an old bedside lamp,
and when I turn it on, I hear my Dad
yell at me to turn it off.
The books on the shelf are chapters of my life.
I don't have room for all the memories.
Things have gone quiet except for an old postcard
From a friend who died.

          - - - Tim Conroy, No True Route

Life is Good

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