Tuesday, February 27, 2024

All Things Bright

 Can we go back there someday?

To that small carousel in the park?
Could we go there in the morning,
And stay there until dark?

You helped me onto that horse,
The one with roses in its hair.
And as the animals ran their course,
The music played its fanfare.

From a nearby snack stand,
You'd buy me a strawberry ice cream.
And as we walked hand in hand,
I'd stare at the glistening stream.

If we did go back there,
It wouldn't be the same.
We've aged, us and the carousel.
Perhaps too much has changed.

I still think of that small carousel now and then.
I think of that horse with roses in its hair.
I think of walks with that strawberry ice cream.
But most of all, I remember you there

                - - - by Beepy731

Photo by Zoe Felix of
Katie Donnelly Photography, Paris

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