Monday, February 26, 2024

What's coming to Meanderings and Muses . . .


I know many of you have not missed my political rants.

Well - I'm sorry, but I've been holding too much in for too long.

So be prepared.  Or - don't peek in until after November's election.  Possibly, not even then.  I understand.

My friend, and occasional blog advisor, Bill Crider, more than once, reminded me that Meanderings and Muses belongs to me.  It is, in many ways, my conscience.  What I share is up to me, and me alone.


I'm gonna be sharing  some things some of you are not gonna want to read.

So be it.

There will still be some book chats, some poetry, some recipes, some music and some art.

You'll still see and hear about me, Donald, and Annabelle, and our life here in the Meat Camp, NC mountains

But because all these things - things I hold dear - are affected by the state of our country, which affects the state of the world, politics is, sadly, a part of those things I hold dear.  A part of ALL our lives.

Don't ever believe your life isn't touched by politics; that's naive at best.

And never has it touched our lives more than at present.


We are at a crossroads.   

The November elections could possibly change our lives in ways we never imagined.

We're in a time in which we need to pay closer attention than ever before regarding what we know about those running for office - local and beyond.  We need, more than ever, to learn about, and pay attention to, the issues of their platforms and the truth about where they stand.  

Who's supporting them financially.

Broaden our knowledge.  Know how to separate the truth from the lies.  Recognize misinformation.

Understand that there are people who will gladly destroy the very foundations upon which this country has been built.

Besides my own opinions that I'll be sharing here, I'm going to share links to a number of political posts.  Some of those posts will be opinion pieces in many forms.  

Some will be lengthy pieces written by historians, constitutional law experts, politicians I believe to be knowledgeable and who have the good of our country in mind.

There will be public opinions from journalists, from political cartoonists, and from you, if you wish.

You're welcome to leave comments, but I'll warn you up front, hatefulness will not be tolerated and will not be published here.  

Additionally, if you have some favorite links that you subscribe to on a regular basis which you think will be pertinent and of interest,  please share them with me.

If you have something you personally wish to add, and would like me to publish it here, please let me know.   Your opinions are of interest to me.  Facts must be cited.

It the spirit of transparency, in case you didn't already know my political/moral standing, it can easily be summed up my statement that I believe Trump to be a monster; a dangerous man who instigated an insurrection in an attempt to overthrow the government of The United States of America.

 Here's a little refresher of that timeline from the Associated Press news

And i feel the need to talk about that, and so much more.

Beginning with this important reminder -


That IS, by damn, a fact



Sharon said...

Kaye, I love this! I look forward to your comments. I just met Connie Schultz (and Sherrod Brown) at a book signing. I would love to see the two of you together on a discussion of our political climate. I subscribe to a free daily newsletter called Next Draft by Dave Pell. He shares of much of your sentiments.

Kaye Wilkinson Barley - Meanderings and Muses said...

Sharon, Thank you!!

I am a huge Connie Schultz (and Sherrod Brown) fan, but not familiar with Dave Pell. Off to check out Next Draft now!

Take care,