Tuesday, February 27, 2024

POLITICAL POST - Recommended Reading


To be clear.

Meanderings and Muses is not about to become a complete and total political blog any more than it has ever been any one thing in particular blog.  

Politics is one piece of my many pieces.  

Tomorrow I'll share the secret ingredient to THE best french fries you will ever taste.  Promise.  So if politics ain't your thing, close it up now and come back on Wednesday.

 That said -

Here's the beginnings of a list of columns you might enjoy if you're of a liberal nature.  Who knows, you might know some conservative (Non MAGA) sorts who might enjoy them as well.  

Not all the links I'll be sharing with you are daily posts, and not all that are daily are posts that I myself am interested in reading every day.  Like most of you, I find large daily doses of politics to be too much.

I rarely watch TV news these days, preferring the opportunities of reading, or saving for later, articles and columns of interest that I'm able to access at my convenience.

Many of the columns I follow are available through substack.com which is a "subscription network for independent writers and creators."

Opinions regarding substack.com range from acceptance to outrage regarding its structure of free content to paid content.  Without getting into all that I'm just here to share articles, columns, and their writers with you.  Philosophies these writers, and substack.com, maintain regarding what they're willing to share at what price is not a cause I'm interested in taking on.  A gal can only fight so many battles.

That said - 

My one daily read is Letters From An American by American political historian Heather Cox Richardson.  Prof. Cox is fond of reminding us that  "To understand the present, we have to understand how we got here." She does it in a clear, concise manner.  Easy to read, easy to understand.  She will often focus on a particular topic from the most recent headlines, give its background, analysis, and a comparison to a similar past historical event giving her take on why the events are important in their similarities.

I love Pulitzer Prize-winner columnist Connie Schultz for her straight shooting, honest, hopeful outlook which translates to writing that speaks to me.  And will occasionally make me teary.  Her column, Hopefully Yours, is available through Substack for free, although the option is yours to upgrade to a paid subscription if you care to.  The content you receive is the same either way, which is not true for all Substack columns.  The choice is yours.  And that's the last time I'll be sharing that little caveat . . .  you get to do your own "to pay, or not yo pay" research from here on. 

AND, i love Mike Luckovich

And to end today's political post, here's a recent story that "should" sicken any civilized person -

A January 6 Insurrection Pinball Game - It was, apparently a hit during the recent Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).   Disgusting.

Character Matters!

That's enough for the day. 

 Stay tuned!

But do come back tomorrow for the Best French Fry ever recipe with a secret ingredient!  


Karen in Ohio said...

Kaye, you are my hero. Looking forward to it all, including the secret ingredient for delicious fries.

Have you read anything by Jay Kuo? His Status Kuo is as brilliant as Heather Cox Richardson's daily essay, but from a different perspective. Jay is a lawyer, and he interprets political news events from a legal viewpoint, citing legal precedents and sometimes archaic rules and loopholes, and how they affect current events. He's also politically astute, sometimes predicting outcomes of legal actions with incredible precision. His daily columns and posts, including pieces he writes for Team Takei, George Takei's social media presence, are a nice balance and companion to Heather's Letters From an American. https://www.actl.com/docs/default-source/default-document-library/2022-spring-meeting/jay-kuo-bio.pdf

Kaye Wilkinson Barley - Meanderings and Muses said...

Oh, Karen, we think so much alike when it comes to politics, don't we? I heard about Jay Kuo from our friend Kathy Sweeney. I love his column and plan on adding him on my on-going list. I didn't want this first political post to be too over-powering. Thanks for reminding me, and thanks so much for your support!

Lesa said...

As always, I enjoy your blog, and appreciate your point of view. Like you, I've turned off TV news, and get most of my news now from reading. So, I'm eager to follow along.

Thank you, Kaye!

Kaye Wilkinson Barley - Meanderings and Muses said...

Thank you, Lesa! Please feel free to share anyone you particularly enjoy that I might miss!