Sunday, May 22, 2016

A Great Reckoning by Louise Penny

I stayed up way later than my normal bedtime last night. There was no way I could put down my book until I read the final page. Once again, I am left without words. (almost). There are quite a few authors I enjoy. A few that I adore - those few who, I find, to be brilliant writers and storytellers, able to give their readers a very special experience while reading their work. Louise Penny is an author of unique appeal. There must be other authors who are able to see into, understand and so perfectly express in beautiful words and phrasing the human psyche with subtle humor and pathos. I just don't know who they might be. The woman continues to surprise me. Continues to bring me to tears, fill my heart and have me laughing out loud with her words. She tells a story with care, subtle humor and sly nods. Shows respect, always, for her characters. The characters who dwell in her work, especially in Three Pines, are infused with more life, more feeling, than a lot of "real" people I've met. I finished my arc of "A Great Reckoning" satisfied and filled. And sad, once again, to have finished. To leave the world of the much-loved Chief Inspector Gamache, knowing I'll have to stay away from fiction for awhile until I'm ready to let go of his world and those who inhabit it by his side.

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