Monday, May 23, 2016

Camera Class at Ball Photo Supply

Photography was actually the reason behind this latest road trip to Asheville.

Any excuse to spend some time at Ball Photo Supply is okay by me.  Usually, it's Donald who's on a hunt for camera related toys and accessories.

This time it was me.

Ball offers a free class every month.  

A class designed to introduce you to your new camera and the world of digital photography.

It was a terrific class.  I enjoyed every minute.

The instructor was knowledgeable, easy to understand and delightful.

There were seven of us in the class - six of whom were Canon owners.  The other was there with her Nikon.

It was a fun group, and I think we all walked away feeling as though we knew our camera a lot better than we had when we walked in.

And some of us stopped and did a little shopping on our way out.

Most of these pictures were posted here before, so more than likely you've already been introduced to Ball Photo, but it's such a cool place, I can't resist posting the photos again.

It's a place I recommend you pay a visit next time you're in Asheville, NC.

Ball Photo fascinates me.

It's like a camera museum/store filled with knowledgeable, creative people who embrace the art of photography.  They still maintain a lab for developing film, still sell film and if you're really lucky you can also happen up on some pretty wonderful old cameras in working order for sale.

And - even cooler - you can play with them!

Or, step back and admire some old pieces that have been a part of a magical history.

Wasn't that fun!?!

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