Thursday, May 5, 2016

Jim Lavene - RIP

Wednesday, Octob

er 21, 2015

I posted the piece below just this past October when Joyce Lavene died.  I have just learned that her husband, Jim Lavene, collapsed and died this morning.  So many in the mystery community are stunned, again, by the sudden loss of such a vibrant and vital member of a our world.

My heart is heavy and I send loving thoughts to Jeni Chappelle, Christopher Lavene and the rest of their family. 

Jim and Joyce were much loved.

They opened their arms wide to us all.

I never saw them that they didn't ask how Don was. How Harley was. How my writing was going.

We also shared some laughs, and some hugs.

They leave a huge, huge hole.

The photo below was taken at the Malice Domestic Agatha Awards Banquet in 2012. I got to share their table and enjoy their graciousness and will remember my evening with them with great fondness.

Joyce Lavene - - R.I.P.

We're losing too many.

And today we lost one of our brightest stars.

A woman who did so much, for so many. 

And always ready with the sweetest smile, and always with her husband by her side.

Joyce Lavene will be missed and she will leave a large hole in the heart of the mystery community.

I'm stunned by the news and having a very hard time finding words.

Sending heartfelt hugs to Jim and the family.

This picture was taken at the Agatha Banquet, Malice Domestic 2012 where Jim and Joyce graciously hosted a table, and I was lucky enough to be able to join them.

I remember it as a perfect evening.

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sunkay said...

It feels like I have lost so many friends with the loss of Joyce and Jim. All their characters and their futures that I was looking forward to reading about are gone with them.