Friday, October 27, 2017

Don't Go To Paris Without . . .

Reading this book . . . 

If you'd like a sample of what you'll find in this book, take a look at the author's blog - The Messy Nessy Cabinet of Chic Curiosities.

I discovered it when I was planning my trip to Paris and fell head over heels in love with Vanessa (who has the unfortunate nickname of Messy Nessy), and her sense of adventure.  

She is constantly seeking out the unusual, the lost and the over-looked.  

And from her blog grew the book.

It's not available just yet in the United States, but it is available in Europe, and can be ordered from either of these two places.

I have ordered from both and do not hesitate in recommending them:

  • Off-beat, eclectic guide to Paris from famed blogger Vanessa Grall - creator of
  • Nessy shows you how to walk Paris's streets like a local: find the most eccentric architecture, get cozy in hidden cafes, party in the catacombs, tour the city with a broken heart, and wander like a true bohemian
  • A lively, eccentric and esoteric guide to the hidden Paris of your dreams, from an outsider who's made it her home
Vanessa Grall is a London girl who moved to Paris and never looked back. Her blog Messy Nessy Chic is described as a 'chic cabinet of curiosities', and it records her bohemian adventures in the city. Her eye for style, both classic and kitsch, has won her a huge, dedicated following, with over 1.5 million unique visitors to her website per month, and 400,000 subscribers on social media.

In addition, Vanessa's charisma has seen her profiled in Porter, Vogue, Conde Nast Traveller, and The Daily Mail.

Don't be a Tourist is Grall's off-beat guide to her adopted home, in which she looks past the cliches and tourist traps, and uncovers the true heart of Paris. Join her to walk in Hemingway's footsteps, to uncover catacomb parties, and to find the city's most authentic dishes. With tips for visiting on a shoestring, with your parents, or with a broken heart, Don't be a Tourist in Paris is a uniquely warm and insightful guide that affirms Audrey Hepburn's famous statement that 'Paris is always a good idea.' 

1. The Paris Runaways
2. Paris like it is in the Movies (and on Instagram)
3. Anywhere but the Louvre
4. Lonely Hearts Club
5. I hate to say I'm a hipster but...
6. I Know this Great Little Place
7. Parents are Coming to Town
8. Paris in Wonderland: Down the Deep, Dark Rabbit Hole
9. 10 Hour Layover
10. Forget Pinterest Paris

And, grab this handy little book to take with you.  

My copy is now full of notes I culled from other guide books, suggestions from friends, and my own personal experiences.  It'll fit in your purse, or in your pocket and I found it to be invaluable.  

Not as much fun as "Don't Be a Tourist in Paris," but certainly fun in its own way.  I don't think Vanessa Grall means for you to lug her "Don't Be a Tourist in Paris" all over Paris with you.

If you're heading off to Paris, think about me.

I'm already saving my pennies (and euros) for my next visit!

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