Sunday, October 8, 2017

Paris Trip - Part Six

On Thursday I slept in while my Paris Pals visited Musee D'Orsay.  This was a place at the top of my "I want to see!" list, but I was just too pooped to pop out of my bed.  But, I'm not feeling guilty about not going because I know I'll be visiting Paris again.  I'll make Musee D'Orsay first thing on my list to do when I get back.

After sleeping late, I just lounged around our apartment for awhile until it was time for Lesa and I to go to our photo session with Geneviève, which was a bunch of fun.

I have never outgrown my love of playing "dress-up," and having a sister/friend along to play with made it even more fun.

Here's our entry into a fantasy Paris, 1920s style - - -

Afterwards, we met up with Vickie and Lisa at WHSmith Booksellers for Cara Black's signing.  Cara's best selling Aimee Leduc series takes place in Paris and the latest in the series (#17) is MURDER IN SAINT-GERMAIN. 

And then . . . 

a very cool thing.

Seeing my book, WHIMSEY: A NOVEL, on display.

My book.  On display.  In Paris.  Thank you, WHSmith!


Thursday was a very good day.

Stay Tuned - More to Come!

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Lesa has posted more about Paris, Day One at her blog.  It's terrific!  And, with some fantastic photos.  -

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