Thursday, October 5, 2017

Paris Trip - Part Four

On Tuesday, Lisa and Vickie took off for their Castles and Wine Tour.

Lesa and I did a little exploring and flâneusing on our own.

We walked some of our neighborhood we had yet to explore, sat in front of a cafe across from the pet shop and watched the puppies romp as we sipped a Café crème/ (chocolat chaud for Lesa). And bought Annabelle a Paris souvenir.

Then we went to Shakespeare & Co.  

Shakespeare & Co. has a long and rich history, and is a bit of a mecca for writers and readers.  So much so, that I'm afraid it's become too crowded and too touristy for the likes of me.  It was so crowded that it was hard getting into the front door and then it was impossible to actually browse the store which I have wanted to do for as long as I can remember.  I'm happy I went, but probably I won't visit again.  I'm sad I wasn't able to see it before it became what it is today - still rich in a history to be proud of, but the charm is now gone.  At least for me.  The the signs hanging on the walls requesting "No Photographs" was a wee bit off-putting also.  As Lesa said, "we were able to take pictures in The Louvre, but not in Shakespeare & Co.?"

Square Square René Viviani is just steps away from Shakespeare & Co. and a lovely little quiet haven that I enjoyed immensely.  I sat on a bench and enjoyed the fact that right there in front of me was the oldest tree in Paris.  Stately and regal and being lovingly cared for.

Also from here is are wonderful views of Notre Dame, along with a very moving memorial to all the babies taken and killed by the Nazis.

Next we strolled by the Bouquinistes along the Seine

Had a delightful dinner of Spaghetti Bolognese

Enjoyed a little time and gorgeous flute music at the The Fontaine Saint-Michel in The Latin Quarter

and then home to 37 Rue de la Tombes Issoire again.


Stay tuned!  More to come!


Lesa said...

I know it's odd to have spaghetti Bolognese in Paris, but it was really good. Nice day together, Kaye, despite a little rudeness.

Victorine said...

Fun day! Great pictures! Too bad we couldn't put a puppy in our carry on...

Kathy Reel said...

I've wanted to visit Shakespeare and Company, too, and I'm sorry to hear that it's become rather a diva. The shops look wonderful, and I meant to mention them in the previous posts. The spaghetti Bolognese looks yummy! The tribute to the children is so sad. The oldest tree, very cool. You and Lesa are always a delight to see in the pictures! The puppies are adorable!