Thursday, October 12, 2017

Lesa's Thoughts on Paris

A few more thoughts about Paris from another dear friend and traveling companion, Lesa Holstine.

“All About That Food”

Lesa Holstine

Do you remember Meghan Trainor’s hit a few years back, “All About That Bass”? For me, Paris was “All About That Food”. We had wonderful meals and drinks in sidewalk cafes, Le Carrousel for breakfast (twice), an unforgettable dinner at Restaurant Josephine Chez Dumonet. Kaye and I even had breakfast with giraffes one morning! But, the search for that perfect cup of hot chocolate led to one of those enchanted experiences.

Do have crepes if you go to Paris. They’re lighter than anything I’ve had in the U.S. 

And, the croissants and bread! Oh,my gosh! Did you see the pictures Kaye posted of meringues that were the size of your head? 

It was the same with the Grand Marnier soufflé at Restaurant Josephine Chez Dumonet. Enormous!

And, if you want to meet the nicest waiter in the world, check out Le Carrousel for breakfast. We went twice. He’s a flirt who hugged all of us. I had to go back because I was jealous that Vickie had a photo with him for her hug.

But, hot chocolate. I’m not a coffee drinker, so every time we went to breakfast, I ordered hot chocolate. It’s always pretty, but it’s bitter. They do give you sugar for it, and you’ll need it. Then serendipity hit one day. We all met up at Jardin du Luxembourg, the stunning gardens created by Marie de’ Medici for the Palais du Luxembourg. We had finished walking through the gardens, and planned to head to the Rodin Museum. But, as we were leaving, we came across a small building with a sign that said Angelina. Kaye, our expert on Paris trivia, claimed Angelina had the best hot chocolate in Paris. We were eager to get to the museum, but we convinced everyone to take a break.

Watch the video in the website for Angelina.

Just watch the woman pour the hot chocolate. There’s a cup of real whipped cream to add to the hot chocolate. I also ordered macarons for the table. Now, with the hot chocolate and macarons in front of you, breathe and relax.

Paris is a hectic city. We walked from gardens to museums to shops and cafes. We wanted to see as much as we could in one week. I enjoyed all the tours and exhibits we saw. But, I really enjoyed the times when the four of us sat down together, ate and drank, laughed and talked about our day. At Angelina, everything stopped for a short time for hot chocolate.

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Victorine said...

Marvelous hot chocolate. Even better friends! ❤️