Friday, March 20, 2020


I've ordered groceries on-line for years from our local Lowes Foods. 

I hate grocery shopping. 

So that wasn't new to me when I went on-line to place my order a couple days ago. 

What was new was instead of the 4-hour window they normally require, this time it was a 2-day window. 

I paid for the order on-line with PayPal, so the personal shopper only needed to open the back of our Highlander and slide in the groceries. 

It's the first time I've been into town in over a week. 

Don drove and I was like a little country mouse going to town. "Oh, look, the forsythia is blooming.  Aw, look at all those daffodils!  Aren't the Bradford Pears gorgeous?!" 

When we got to New Market which is a small strip shopping center I almost cried. 

7:30 on a Friday night and the parking lot was almost empty. 

This where there's a Mexican restaurant, an Italian restaurant, a small coffee shop (my very favorite coffee shop), a Chinese restaurant, a sandwich shop, a small bistro and a movie theater. 

It was a wake-up call. 

The next wake-up call came when we learned what items on our list we were not getting - none of our fresh fruits or veggies; potatoes, onions, carrots, bananas. 

No grated Mexican or Sharp Cheddar cheese I had hoped to use tomorrow to fix a Mexican casserole. 

No sliced American Cheese for grilled cheese sandwiches. 

No eggs, only 1 carton of milk (it's being rationed). 

The meat I ordered was available. 

We had a quiet somber drive back home to Meat Camp. 

Tomorrow I plan on calling Lowe's Foods to say thank you to the personal shoppers again and tell them they are heroes. 

And I'm going to call Higher Grounds Coffee Shop and buy a gift card. 

The trip for supplies was sobering, and all while fairly isolated in our car. 

The world as we've known it is changing, and I expect we're in for surprises at just how much it's still to change.

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