Friday, March 27, 2020

Stay Home

The world is closed. 

But it's only temporary. 

We can do this. 

Some days are harder than others. 

Yesterday was a hard day for me. Every single thing set off the tears. 

Today is going to be better. 

I opened a piece of Dove chocolate (I've been doing that a lot) and the message in the wrapper said "Book the Flight." 

Well, we can't do that, not right now. 

But we will. We will. 

Life will return to normal - and while I think it will be a very different normal, I want to be around to see exactly what that normal is. 

Stay home now so you'll be well and healthy to go out later. 

For dinners with friends. 

For book signings. 

Book conventions. 

ONE of these days I'm planning on wearing that pretty red dress I bought to wear at a book signing for "Carousels of Paris." 

If it still fits . . . 

here, have a piece of Dove chocolate . . .

1 comment:

Gram said...

I think most people over 65 are staying home for the most part. We do go shopping during "senior" hours and to the P.O., but other than that, we stay home.