Sunday, March 29, 2020

Sheltering-In in Meat Camp

It's a gorgeous day in the mountains. 

And Don Barley is doing some yard clean-up. 

Annabelle's helping. 

I'm taking pictures. 

It's a family affair. 



Some family members work harder than others.

We have hosta babies (time to separate them as they'll become monsters), 

the peonies are peeking out (MY FAVE!) 

and the bank is full of lilies of all sorts popping up. 

Raised beds cleaned out and awaiting whatever's coming. 

Fern bank getting ready to fill up. 

Life in Meat Camp is lovely.

1 comment:

Gram said...

Love the pictures. We in New England are getting there. My day lillies are up about 5/6 inches, but the roses are still hibernating...snow tonight!