Sunday, March 15, 2020

Latest Carousels of Paris Newsletter

(This newsletter is an expanded version of yesterday's blog with some additional news and links)

Carousels of Paris Official Pub Date is Coming Up!

March 17th

Have you pre-ordered your copy?
Buy links are here
We are tickled pink with how well the book is doing in pre-sales.  As of earlier today, Carousels of Paris was #91 in Paris Travel Guides at  While this number changes hourly, it has consistently been in the top 300 since pre-ordering began.  Considering how many books are sold through Amazon on an hourly basis, this is pretty remarkable.

I guess I bettter pre-order mine.

We received our author copies and quickly signed them and put them in the mail to people who were such a huge help in making the book all we hoped it could be.

And we ordered a few more copies - - -  which haven't arrived.

Soon (i hope!)


We didn't keep a copy for ourselves! 

And believe me, there have been times (MANY!) when I would have enjoyed picking it up, looking through it and enjoying remembering where we were, what we were doing when each and every one of those pictures were taken.

(I worry about the mind I seem to have lost)

As I said . . . 


But, our copies will be here any day now, I'm sure.

And then we'll be having a give-away or two.
The give-aways will be books, of course, but also a couple of surprises.

And while we had hoped to do some book signings, right now it appears that that is not going to be happening.  But maybe later.
I'll keep you posted.

I have done a couple of fun interviews since my last newsletter.  If you're interested, you can read them here 
and another one here .

We do have some pretty Parisian bookplates, and if you would like one, it would be our pleasure to send you one.  Let us know if you want it personalized or just signed by me and Don.

While many of us are exercising caution with regards to coronavirus right now, it's impacting our local and small businesses.

Donald and I hope you'll consider buying Carousels of Paris from your local indie bookseller.

Thanks, everyone!  Your support means more than you could know.
Happy Reading!

In the meantime - enjoy this guy . . . 
he's just one of the many carousel photos in Carousels of Paris

and Don says "Hey!"

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