Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A not so great morning turned into a pretty darn sweet one

While I was out this morning running errands - not in a hurry to come home in case there was still no WiFi (man, I hate losing our WiFi!!!!) - I stopped in Go Postal to mail a package to two pretty special folks in Milwaukee. Most of you know them. To know them is to love 'em. (sending hugs to Ruth and John Jordan). 

While I was at the counter, I felt a nudge in the back of my thigh. 

While not an entirely unpleasant feeling, it was - - - a wee bit unsettling.    like - whoa . . . 

When I turned around I spotted this face. This guy lives in the Go Postal store after an unfortunate life elsewhere. I don't know the whole story - do not want to know the whole story. Those stories reduce me to sad depths I'd rather not visit. 

He is now, however, surrounded by people who love him. And people who drop in just to scratch his ears. He was a little shy of me when we first met, but he's now confident enough to give me a nudge. 

And confident enough that when I bent down to give him some scritches to surprise me with a big sloppy wet kiss that went from chin to the top of my head. 

It was worth losing WiFi to get a kiss from this sweet creature.

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