Monday, November 2, 2015

Waking up to good news

Don't you love it when you wake up, check your email and find some nice news?

It was fun seeing this review, and fun seeing my name included.

The dark
Let’s talk about witches. If you’re thinking about fairy tale or Satanic characterizations, you’re missing the granny for the grimace.
There’s a long history of strong mountain women being feared as Baba Yagas.
Kaye Barley tells a story, “Aunt Peep and Uncle Leo,” that starts off as a girl’s fond recollection of summertime visits with her aunt and turns into something else after she overhears arguments and then gets news of Aunt Peep’s death.
At the funeral, Aunt Peep has a message for her niece that’s intended to not let the truth about Leo die.

Face it, writers love reading nice things about their work.

Especially when those writers make little or nothing in the way of a paycheck for their work.  Those kind words come to represent a sort of payment - much appreciated payment.

So - this - kind words for a group of some of the most talented women I've come to know and am quite proud to be a part of.  Herded together by the amazingly giving Celia Miles, along with poet extraordinaire Nancy Dillingham.  They've put their own writing aside, again, to edit the fourth anthology featuring Western North Carolina women writers.

Here's what Rob Neufeld has to say about the latest, "It's All Relative."

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