Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday

Mornin', all!

I'm having coffee, Don Barley is taking today's on-line photography lesson and I'm going to go do something I haven't done in years.

ANOTHER one of those "I will never do that again" things where I'm, once again, eating my words.

I've almost decided that's how I gained so much weight a couple years ago - by eating my words so often.


My mom and I used to always shop the day after Thanksgiving.

For years and years we did that and we laughed and laughed and had lunch and came home with a few bargains. 

Some, quite significant.

Some, not so much.

But we had enjoyed the day.

We only did it once after we moved to Boone.

And, truth be told, for Black Friday, it wasn't so bad.

After having navigated the crowds in Atlanta malls, Boone was a piece of cake.

Maybe it was too easy since we never did it again? 

Who knows.

We do all know that if anything is too easy it tends to lose its appeal.

So. I'm going to finish this cup, throw on my boots and bluejeans and hit the Boone Mall.

Many of you have seen our mall, and I love it.

It's tiny.

It takes me longer to get there than it does to shop it.

And because I've never understood why there needs to be 36 shoe stores under one roof, it suits my needs to a T.

We'll see how I feel when I return . . .

Happy Day After Thanksgiving, my friends.

(note:  some of you have let me know your comments don't show up.  There are two reasons.  #1) I have enabled the "moderate comments" app due to a wild amount of spam showing up.  So, if Blogger allows you to leave a comment, it's there, it's just waiting for me to moderate and hit the "publish" button. Sometimes that happens quickly - sometimes, not so much.   However -  #2) Blogger is having issues.  If you get an "error on comment" message, that's Blogger.  Hopefully, this will get worked out soon.  Patience, my pretties, patience.  and yes - this is a case of "do as I say, not as I do . . . since patience is something I'm short of.  imagine that.)

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