Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Memory

I remember Christmas mornings with my mom and dad like they all happened yesterday.  I remember being SO excited.  I remember a lot of laughter, big meals and people dropping in all day.

I also remember that I was never a fan of dolls.


I just never "got" dolls.  They were cute, but mute.

I rather have a book - even back then.

But there was always a doll (or two, or more) under the tree.

When my parents moved from Cambridge to Atlanta, they brought all those dolls with them.

The had been living in the attic for all those many years, most of them still in the original boxes.

In this picture where I'm holding the doll, I'm pretty sure I'm thinking "Here, Dad, you hold the doll - I want to be in the band."

What I do remember clearly is that someone hit the drum pedal too hard and before Christmas Day was over the drum had a huge hole in it.

WHO hit the pedal that hard?  Well, that I don't rightly recall . . . 


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