Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas Shopping in Meat Camp, NC

Now, as you all know, I refer to our home community of Meat Camp, NC as the glorious edge of the wilderness.

So, shopping?

In Meat Camp?



There is a little family owned convenience store a few miles away by the name of Plan B where we stop to pick up milk, bread, ice cream and fresh veggies.

But "shopping" shopping?



at a wonderful little pottery studio which just happens to be real close by.

And owned by our friends Keith and Willie Lambert.

Keith and Willie also have a place on the coast in Beaufort, NC by the name of Shipyard Earthworks.

They're both internationally known for their work in pottery, stoneware, marble and paint. Their sculptures can be found in public as well as private collections in the US and abroad.

So, having them share their work with us here in the NC mountains makes us as proud as you can imagine.

Jill picked me up this morning in her limo and we spent a couple hours with Keith and Willie.

After we shopped, touched and admired everything in the studio, we wandered around outside the studio for awhile and admired another kind of beauty.

The natural beauty of these wondrous and magical mountains.

I love our neighborhood.

And I have now finished my Christmas shopping.

But I can't show you what I bought 'cause . . .  well, Christmas!  you know!  It's all about the surprise!

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